I needed a really simple intranet for our internal documentation, stuff that needs to be frequently read and occasionally edited. After trying a few different tools, I think we’ve got a pretty good setup now, and it really has only a few components that I’ll list below.

Structure & Theme

Using Pages wasn’t working, and using menus gets too much, especially since WordPress doesn’t by default add sub pages to menus.

What I decided on was a theme called “weDocs” by weDevs. Why? Super simple, clean design. Simple layout. It uses posts rather than pages, which I can live with. Has a nice search built in and is responsive.

A few quick HTML/CSS mods, we’re cooking with gas!


The setup is really simple and seamless.

I use WP Require Login to keep the public out.

I then use Google Apps Login plugin to log you in via Google Apps (we all use that).

I have the Google Apps Login plugin configured to automatically redirect to Google from login page, which means as soon as you hit the intranet domain, you get redirected to Google, then login, then back to the site, authenticated. Lovely!

On top of that, I use Stream for tracking changes, and a little widget plugin called “Who’s Online” which sits in the footer to show who’s logged in now or recently.