I saw a post on Matt Mullenweg’s blog outlining what he has in his backpack, and found it somewhat interesting since I travel a bit and always keen to see what other travellers do to make life easier.

I clearly don’t travel with as many gadgets or things as Matt does, but I thought I’d share a few of the items I do carry.

I’m a pretty simple traveller, I have my key items that I always like to take with me and have slowly perfected that should and shouldn’t go.

Firstly, things not pictured that I always take include a charger (sometimes I put this in my wheely carry-on bag), a full-sized USB mouse (there are no batteries to go flat and I can use it all day without getting sore fingers). I also have a pretty decent collection of drugs for various situations, should I need them. Hayfever to cold, headache to heart attack, I think I have a decent collection.

Now, things pictured:

  1. iPhone 6 (64GB) – My favourite iPhone…. since the last one.
  2. Bright orange, heavy duty cable – VERY easy to lose / not notice white leads, orange has been great at not being left behind.
  3. Thunderbolt to VGA – projectors, most LCD/LED/Plasma TVs have a VGA input, and a lot of hotels also have VGA inputs.
  4. Generic iPhone headphones – handy for making calls on with the mic & adjusters.
  5. Mediocre in-ear headphones. I go through these often, either lose, break or forget to bring them. Around $100~ buys a decent pair of headphones that I can use on a plane for sleeping. Most airlines give out respectable noise cancelling headphones in business class anyway.
  6. Notebook  – always take this or an A4 notebook with me. Big fan of scribbling notes / thoughts down. Also better than using conferences notebooks as you then have 5 different sources of notes for a trip.
  7. Montblanc Meisterstück 1 Pen Pouch – Where my StarWalker Platinum Resin Pen lives.
  8. Montblanc Wallet
  9. Montblanc Passport Pouch
  10. 15″ Retina Macbook Pro

What can or can’t you live without when you travel?