Some photos from a trip to Nightfall Wilderness Camp. The copy below is from my review on TripAdvisor.


We had an amazing stay at Nightfall.

The area is great, and very remote from the rest of the world. About an hour or so south of Brisbane. Between two mountain ranges and right on a river.

The weather for our stay was cold and partially wet. This was just perfect. The rain kept the temperature down, and meant we got to enjoy the fire place in both our tent and for meals etc. The sound of rain forrest during rain was just lovely.

The accommodation itself, great. A very high quality bed and linen – could not fault it.

The caretakers, Heidi and Steve were great people. I admit I wasn’t sure what to expect with a venue where they did all everything you take for granted at a fully serviced hotel.

Fortunately for us, they were just great genuine people and along with the other guest staying over the weekend, we got to have a lot of great talks.

In terms of meals, everything was great. Really great. Everything was organic and most of it local to the region. Steve, as a previous concrete layer (If I remember correctly) does a heck of a job cooking, though as they point out, they source great produce and meat, they just cook it. We were stuffed, and really should have put the fork down, but everything tasted great! The wine matching was good – and again, Australian organic wines, which were all really enjoyable.

To fill our time, (Friday afternoon through to Sunday morning) we walked along the river, went for a short drive to explore, lots of reading, and caught up on sleep.

Cannot wait to go back.

Nightfall Wilderness Camp