Hi, I’m Ben. I run The Code Company Pty Ltd. An Australian WordPress agency.

I started out as a programmer coding various web applications in languages like Perl and CGI.

Navigating through the industry, I found a niche in the WordPress space where many providers cannot backup their projects with a deep technical skill.

I enjoy working with businesses to take inefficient, complex analog systems online or consolidating and improving existing systems and see the impact it has.

My specialities include WordPress, CodeIgniter and PHP development, MySQL, High-performance web servers, scaling, Amazon Web Services (AWS), deployment systems, software architecture & project management.

I occasionally share my thoughts on this blog or even less frequently by public speaking.

I have a great team behind me and hope our growth and success continue into the future.

What’s this blog about?

I started this site somewhere around 2005. Like most sites, it’s gone through many iterations.

2005-2008 – An awful mess of dreamweaver templates, Mambo/Joomla installs and stuff nightmares are made of.

2008-2011 – I ran it as a blog where I posted pretty much anything that was on my mind, and usually not very exciting things.

2012 – 2012 – The site was a landing page. I’d had enough of blogging and life was too busy.

2013 onwards – The aim of the site is going to be about my travel, and professional WordPress life.