Web conferences coming up

It’s very cool to see the first Australian PHP Developer conference coming up in March this year. I came across it by accident, but after reading through the lineup and talks – I have booked three tickets for myself and two of my team (both backend developers).

I wrote about going to more than just WordCamps and I still feel the same. Last year I and some of my team went to a bunch of WordCamps. Five actually. I personally went to Auckland, Sydney, Tampa and San Fransisco. I fell into the trap of going to WordCamps because they’re the “WordPress conference” – but upon reflection (also factoring in the costs) – the amount of things learnt or gained is slim to nill.  … 

2015: New

I’m not really someone who follows trends when it comes to what to post on this blog. For example, you won’t find a “2014 – year in review” or “New Year’s resolutions” style post here.

However, as I was skimming through Twitter today and catching up on some blogs, I read on Jennifer Frahm’s site about setting a word or theme for the year ahead.

Getting clarity on what it is you want focus on for the year is enormously helpful in helping you make decisions, filter opportunities, discard unnecessary distractions.

To be honest, I don’t mind this concept. I’m not sure if it’ll stick – but here goes anyway.


The case for not charging

When it comes to car tyres I’m not an expert. My skillset includes changing a flat tyre, but that’s about it. So when I find one of my tyres has a screw through it, I take it to a tyre shop to deal with it.

I’m able to admit that when I go to other service-based business and pay them to do something for me either because I don’t know how or don’t have time, that I sometimes wonder if they’re taking me for a ride. How would I know?


The meaning of life

Back in February, I went to the Webstock conference, which I really enjoyed. One of the best talks was the closing keynote. The closing Keynote was by Derek Sivers and was on the meaning of life.

Now, this had nothing to do with web, or tech, or design – but still one of the best talks at a conference I’ve been able to witness. A pretty applicable subject to all, with a lot of thought provoking questions.

Webstock Conference 2014

There has always been a lot of hype around Webstock. It’s highly regarded around the world as one of the most inspirational / thought provoking conferences for anyone who works in the creative industries.

Webstock is not a “show and tell” style conference, where someone will talk about optimising code or designing for mobile first, the latest jQuery library or how smart vectors work in the latest version of Photoshop. The only way I’d describe it is a “mindset altering” conference.

The organisers of Webstock do a great job at sourcing some local and international heavy-weights of their respective fields. This year was just the same. Some speakers I’d heard before but mostly new. …