Speaking at WordCamp Auckland 2014

Last week I flew over to New Zealand to speak at WordCamp Auckland 2014 – an event I’d been keeping my eye on for a little while.

The Auckland WordCamp was put on by the same people who run the WordPress meet up over there. I was told early on in the piece, that the group was built up of a lot more power users / users / newcomers compared to say Sydney and Melbourne where there is probably a closer ratio of WordPress developers compared to WordPress users.

It’s a pretty big trip to make to present a 30 minute talk, but I really do like Auckland – it’s one of my favourite cities, so I had no issues in making the trip across the Tasman. … 

Go to more than just WordCamps

This time last week I was in Barcelona, Spain, where I attended the WebVisions conference. WebVisions was great, there were a few really good talks I enjoyed, covering UX design, new CSS3 stuff, typography, and so on. I wrote about the conference itself on the Alyte Blog, you can read it all here.

I am a big fan of going to conferences – at the end of a good conference, I will have learnt something new, I’ll think about something if not many things differently, I’ll have had a chance to socialise with clever people and most importantly, I’ll be inspired and full of ideas, ready to get back into work! … 

Conferences for 2013

2012 was a great for learning and travelling.

I started off the year by going to South by south west in Austin back in March, followed by Future of Insights in Vegas early May, WordCamp Sydney in September, and then finally WordCamp San Francisco in August.

Next year my plans are…..