When is WordPress NOT the answer?

As of late, we’ve had a couple of large web application projects where the deliverables did not include any CMS functionality. That is, they were purely a functionality based web application.

I’ve been reflecting on both of these projects, and how we approached each one for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, did we make the right choice with the underlying framework?

Secondly, further to the first point, could we have done it faster/better/smarter if we did it another way.

Thirdly, what is our business, should we be building non WordPress projects, and if we do non WordPress, do we end up doing 100 different frameworks so-so, rather than doing one really well? … 

Australian WordPress hosting options

If you want a fast and responsive website, you need to host it as close as you can to where you are.

When viewing a site, you make requests back and forth from the server, and the further away your server is (such as the USA), then the further your requests have to travel back and forth, and the slower they are.

If you have a poorly built or a WordPress site built with existing plugins and themes, there is a good chance there will be a lot of assets and therefore requests, which means, if you’re on a server on the other side of the world, it’s going to be pretty slow!

As well as offering a hosting service at Alyte for small-medium businesses & bloggers, I have used a bunch of Australian based hosts for different purposes which I’ll outline below.  … 

Webstock Conference 2014

There has always been a lot of hype around Webstock. It’s highly regarded around the world as one of the most inspirational / thought provoking conferences for anyone who works in the creative industries.

Webstock is not a “show and tell” style conference, where someone will talk about optimising code or designing for mobile first, the latest jQuery library or how smart vectors work in the latest version of Photoshop. The only way I’d describe it is a “mindset altering” conference.

The organisers of Webstock do a great job at sourcing some local and international heavy-weights of their respective fields. This year was just the same. Some speakers I’d heard before but mostly new. … 

When do you move WordPress to a multiple server setup?

When it comes to scaling your WordPress hosting infrastructure, the topic always comes up pretty quickly that you need to move from a single server through to multiple servers.

It’s often considered the hardest jump to make, and once you’re running two servers, the jump to three, four or five hundred servers is trivial.

So the question comes up often: when do I need to move from a single to multi-server setup?

A multi-server setup is really the last step you take in setting up a enterprise WordPress (or any app) platform.


Conferences for 2014

Last year I had written about wanting to go to Edge of the Web, WordCamp Melbourne, WordCamp San Fran, Le Web, Velocity Conf and PressNomics.

Well, 2013 wasn’t too bad after all.