Creating a really clean & simple Intranet with WordPress

I needed a really simple intranet for our internal documentation, stuff that needs to be frequently read and occasionally edited. After trying a few different tools, I think we’ve got a pretty good setup now, and it really has only a few components that I’ll list below.



At the end of Webstock last week, co-organiser Natasha Lampard gave some closing remarks. Tash’s remarks lead me to believe she was planning on resigning or this was to be the last Webstock — thankfully this was not the case.

Instead, Tash told a lovely story of a hotel / bed and breakfast in Japan called Houshi.

Houshi Ryokan was founded around 1,300 years ago and it has always been managed by the same family since then. 
It is the oldest still running family business in the world.

Tash contrasted this lovely story of a business handed down generation to generation for 1,300 years to the current state of so many “web 2.0″ / technology companies. Tash suggested the term “exit strategy” should be replaced with “exist strategy”. Funny side note: As I write this, Grammarly thinks I’ve confused exit with exist! … 

Webstock 2015

Webstock 2015 has come and gone. I was able to get over there for a second year in a row and once again, left with my mind ticking over with everything that I absorbed over the two full on days.

For two years in a row now, the weather in Wellington has just been sensational. This is in contrast to the normal weather in Wellington which is wet, cold and windy!

I don’t bother taking lots of notes at Webstock — it’s really too full on, and most of the takeaways for me are abstract and not things like “use program X for task Y”. … 

Please use two factor authentication on Google Apps

This isn’t a post on how to install or setup two-factor authentication with Google Apps or Gmail – that information exists already.

Instead, I thought I share a story from a client today that even sent a shiver down my spine.


Web conferences coming up

It’s very cool to see the first Australian PHP Developer conference coming up in March this year. I came across it by accident, but after reading through the lineup and talks – I have booked three tickets for myself and two of my team (both backend developers).

I wrote about going to more than just WordCamps and I still feel the same. Last year I and some of my team went to a bunch of WordCamps. Five actually. I personally went to Auckland, Sydney, Tampa and San Fransisco. I fell into the trap of going to WordCamps because they’re the “WordPress conference” – but upon reflection (also factoring in the costs) – the amount of things learnt or gained is slim to nill.  …